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Thousands of sails compete in the wave of business! The progress and development of the world will only change!

Since its establishment in 2013, sishon Biofiber has been adhering to the business philosophy of "innovative development, excel lence, qual ity first, and sincere service". With the strong support and assistance of friends at home and abroad and in the society, it has grown steadily! develop rapidly!

Looking back on the past, although we have achieved some results, we know that there is no end to progress! Retreat if you don't advance.

Looking forward to tomorrow, competition and development coexist, chal lenges and opportunities coexist; all Shixiang people will always maintain a heart of gratitude and forge ahead, build a highland of technology and a paradise for talents! Do not forget the original intention! Moving forward with strength!

The President
Xu XiaoLin




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