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Vortex spinning capacity information

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National vortex spinning production capacity continues to grow in 2020

The yarns in our country are divided according to the technology, which can be divided into ring spinning, open-end spinning and vortex spinning. Among them, ring spinning is the most common and common spinning method. Among rayon yarns, vortex spinning, open-end spinning, compact Siro spinning, and Siro spinning are also common processes. However, the competition between yarns of different processes and different raw materials is fierce. As far as rayon yarn is concerned, the rapid development of vortex spinning in recent years has resulted in the sales of compact siro spinning, open-end spinning and even ring spinning rayon yarn. The main reason is that the low price of vortex spinning has made up for some of the shortcomings of its strength and other performance, making it more cost-effective than other varieties.

Cost advantages of vortex spinning

The main reason why vortex spinning can rely on its cost advantage is because the vortex spinning process is short, 10,000 spindles are less labor, and the machine material consumption is low. Therefore, taking R30S as an example, the labor cost of vortex spinning can be 1,000 yuan/ton lower than that of ring spinning. Siro spinning is as low as around 2500/ton, which is basically the same as air spinning, and data shows that the application of vortex spinning on the loom can increase the production efficiency of the loom by more than 2%.

There are still restrictions on the type of raw material and count range of vortex spinning

Vortex spinning will not dominate all yarn markets because of its unique cost advantage. The above labor costs are reflected in the conventional rayon yarn models. If you change to other materials, such as cotton or polyester, or change to fine yarn varieties, Vortex spinning will reduce its own price advantage due to lower spinning speed, increased loss and damage to raw materials or equipment, or higher requirements for raw materials.

It is not difficult to see from the figure below that in the production process of ring spinning (including Siro and compact Siro) from coarse to fine yarn, the spinning speed does not change much, while vortex spinning is spinning in the process of spinning R30S-R50S. Speed began to decline rapidly, and yarn counts above R50S declined more obviously. Therefore, most of the vortex spinning yarn counts currently seen on the market are mainly R10S-R40S. At the same time, in order to avoid the bidding situation of this type of model, compact Siro spinning and Sirospun rayon yarn currently focuses on R40S-R60S, even more than R60S.

figure 1

Image source: Murata official website

2020 China's vortex spinning capacity continues to grow

2019 is a year of rapid growth in China's vortex spinning production capacity. The number of vortex spinning machines has reached around 2,000. The vortex spinning is mainly concentrated in Hangzhou, Quzhou, Jiaxing, Jiangsu, Wujiang, Xinjiang Korla, Tumushuk, and Bazhou. And other regions, see Figure 2 for details.

figure 2

However, with the growth of vortex spinning, the bidding status in the market has also begun to become fierce. In 2020, it will be in a state of domestic and foreign difficulties. The labor cost of vortex spinning rayon yarn has repeatedly hit new lows during this period, although some rapier and air-jet looms have been stimulated during the period. The use of vortex spinning to produce grey fabrics still fails to stimulate the transfer of market demand, and even though market prices are at a low level, industry inventories have begun to grow again. The industry is concerned that vortex spinning rayon yarn may fall again in mid-June.

However, the profit of vortex spinning rayon yarn is shrinking, but there are still many vortex equipment coming to the factory in 2020. According to statistics from Longzhong Information, it is estimated that there will be 380 new vortex spinning equipment in the country in 2020. Among them, it is recommended to be appropriate in terms of emerging regions. Pay attention to the Peixian area.

Although the difficult environment of internal and external affairs and high equipment costs can limit the development speed of vortex spinning in the short term, it is worth mentioning that with the upgrade of vortex spinning equipment, there may be significant improvements in the subsequent expansion of the types of raw materials and the range of counts. Secondly, the textile industry has become more and more aware of the vortex spinning industry. With these two advancements, vortex spinning will continue to develop to a certain extent, but at the same time, it will also supervise the development and follow-up of domestic vortex spinning equipment.

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